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Please choose your country and click buy at ebay button button to buy at eBay store. Please choose "Globle" if you cannot find your country in purchase list, and that means you may purchase in ebay globle site and the product location is HK(delivery from HK).


Note: We only sale online to meet globle need, until now we still have no plan to operate an offline store.



Shipping lacation and method are in delivery description in ebay store.


Totally, we ship from HK to globle almost countries, shipping time between 1~30days according to delivery destination.


In addition, we have warehouse in Australia, America, England, French, and these warehouse may delivery to Australia, America, England, French, Germany, delivery time is between 1~10 days according to delivery destination.


We offer several delivery method to balance delivery time and delivery cost, defaulted delivery method is the most economical way. You can choose other delivery method to shorter delivery time, but you may pay the additional shipping price.


Product price may be a little different to the price in our website due to the delivery location and countries(exchange rate, tax, etc.).